A New Park is a Popular Place for Lovers

By Emil Suyunaliev

There is a new place in the city where the lovers at any age can enjoy the romantic atmosphere and make promises to each other of eternal love by putting their hands on the heart-shaped stone right on a small lake.

Two couples Daniel and Aida, 22 year old students at the Bishkek Humanities University, shared their impressions of their visit to a new “Park of Love” in Bishkek. In their words, the Park of Love is a great opportunity for them to express their love and strengthen their relationship.

“We went to the Park of Love and left a padlock on the sculpture in the shape of a heart. We locked a padlock on the heart and threw the key into the small lake in the park. It is a sign. We locked each others’ hearts only for us with the key and threw it in the water so our hearts will be in love forever.”   

Daniel and Aida are one of many couples who enjoy taking a walk around Bishkek and spending their free time together.

“The lover’s park is unique and different from other parks in the city. It is unique with its small lake and a big fountain right in the middle of the lake. Isn’t it beautiful and romantic? We loved it,” said Aida hugging her boyfriend Daniel.

This park has become a popular place for couples to get married. The couples Bektur and Asel, who have just married, visited the park on their wedding day.

“The place is wonderful. We wanted some special place for our wedding. Usually couples go to the Victory Square or the Monument at the southern gates. The Park of Love is the place very suitable for the marrying couples because it has an element of Love and romance. We especially liked the LOVE sculpture.” The popular sculpture is a replica of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in JFK Plaza in the city center of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bektur and Asel went to the Bishkek Park of Love on their wedding day and made a promise putting their arms on the heart sculpture.

“That’s a pleasant place to take pictures and to remember the happy times gone by,” said Asel.

Not only young couples visit the park but also the people of older generations. One couple, Daniyar who is 58, and Jamilya, 53, often take walks in the park. According to these sweet couples, they can come and take walks either alone or with their grandchildren and have some nice conversation.

“We love this place. Every time when we visit the park, we can see happy couples holding their hands, and this gives us the love spirit. Even though we passed the strong stage of love, we still love each other and we enjoy our time here.”


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